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Easy Hacks to Keep Your Car Clean During a Family Road Trip

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A family embarking on a road trip

When your family stops at drive-thrus and your kids play games in the backseat, it’s easy for your car to get messy during road trips. In order to keep your car clean, try out these simple hacks during your next family road trip.

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Setup an organizer

If you take a cross-country road trip, your storage areas may quickly fill up, and your kids may resort to tossing items on the ground. To prevent this and have additional storage space within easy reach of your little ones, place a shoe organizer on the front seatbacks. Another option is to bring a shower caddy with suction cups on it that you can attach to a window.

Bring a trash bag

It’s always a good idea to have a trash bag in the car in case you grab a bite to eat during the drive. Keep extra trash bags in an empty tissue box. When you’re ready to use one, place it in a plastic cereal container that holds the trash upright and covers it with a lid.

Add more cupholders

If your family tends to run out of cupholders on long road trips, make your own. Put a muffin pan in a basket or storage container and then place your contraption on the floor away from any swinging legs. To prevent standard and makeshift cupholders from getting dirty, put silicone cupcake wrappers in them to catch crumbs and spills.

Store snacks

Whether you bring snacks from home or buy some along the way, be sure to have resealable containers to hold them. Both a craft organizer box and an empty coffee creamer container make it easy to store food without paying for new storage items.

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Each of these travel hacks helps make for a more clean, and hopefully less stressful, road trip experience with your family.