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Harley Davidson Fans Will Love This Hell’s Revenge Jeep Renegade

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The Jeep Renegade is known as the “starter” model of the Jeep brand. For those gear heads who love the off-roading capability of Jeep, the Renegade might not be the first choice from the American carmaker’s lineup—but this model might become the newest favorite of those of the Harley Davidson ilk.

Jeep was the main sponsor of the Harley Davidson 25th anniversary celebration in Portoroz, Slovenia earlier this week. And, as to commemorate the continuous partnership between the two brands, Jeep decided to commission a custom Harley Davidson-inspired 2016 Jeep Renegade from Garage Italia Customs.

The result? Pure badassery.

Harley Davidson Jeep Renegade Edition Close Up

Seriously. FLAMES!

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This special model was christened “Hell’s Revenge,” which should tell you just how awesome it is. It is meant to be a tribute to Harley owners everywhere and to bikers that share the same values and the lifestyle of motorcycle lovers—and there’s no doubt that it does just that.

There are flames painted on the Renegade’s hood. FLAMES, PEOPLE!

Moss Bra on Fire Gif

And they’re not just any flames. Because these flames are the key personalization element to present the passion of Harley and Jeep fans, they were specially painted. Four layers of matte paint acted as the base, topped with a special transparent layer of dye, which makes for some vibrant colors. This intense styling is similar to the type of emblems you might typically see on the tanks of motorcycles.

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Harley Davidson Jeep Renegade Edition Interior


Inside, Garage Italia Customs continues to show how much motorcycle design influenced this custom Renegade with flames licking the dashboard as well. The interior also has Foglizzo Nappa leather and black denim trim.

But that’s not all. This custom Renegade also has a personalized skid plate, a suspension lift kit, and alloy rims. Add the Harley Davidson logos, and this Renegade is the dream car for those drivers that have a two-wheeled mode of transportation, too.