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Hobo Johnson is way Into his Subaru Crosstrek

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Hobo Johnson on state at a show
Who, me? Hell yeah I have a Subaru Crosstrek!
Photo: Bruce via Flikr

Songs about cars have been around for as long as cars have, but you don’t tend to hear all that many tunes about small crossover SUVs. Enter Frank Lopes Jr., better known by his stage name Hobo Johnson. It seems that Mr. Johnson recently bought a Subaru Crosstrek XV, and he was so excited that he wrote a song about it.

The song is called Subaru Crosstrek XV.

Do you want to buy a Subaru Crosstrek?: Find a good deal

Subaru Crosstrek XV (the song, not the car) is as much an oddity as Hobo Johnson himself, who spent some time living in his car, toiling in anonymity while trying to make it in the music industry. His big break came when his song “Peach Scone” went viral on YouTube just before he appeared on NPR’s popular show Tiny Desk.

His lyrics often seem stream of consciousness, as if he says whatever bubbles up to the top of his mind when he opens his mouth. If that’s the case, this man thinks a lot about his Crosstrek.

The phrase “I just bought a Subaru Crosstrek” appears roughly 10 times over the song’s two minute and thirty-four-second playtime, not including the times he just says “Subaru Crosstrek.” What’s more, he often expounds on specific features. At one point he says that the suspension is as “soft as a cute little baby neck,” and gleefully proclaims how much cheaper the insurance for his new ride than if he’d gone with a Lamborghini.

He ends the song by announcing to his friends:

“Have you heard about the new Subaru Crosstrek with the new suspension package?
If you buy one you’ll be riding smooth in no time
It also came with a trailer hitch, but
It’s only four-cylinder so you probably shouldn’t tow anything
My dad said that messes up the transmission”

Putting aside the logical issues with his father’s judgment, that’s not even the end of things.

At the very end of the video, the band placed the following message: “This video is brought to you not only by the unbelievably smooth all new suspension package and built to last engine of a Subaru Crosstrek XV but also by the unenviably strong and trustworthy hearts of Hobo & the Boys.”

Subaru Crosstrek?: Subaru Crostrek

Sure! Why not? He already wrote a whole song about his car, why not plug it and his band once more in the credits?

But wait! There’s still the disclaimer.

“Subaru has not condoned or sponsored Hobo and The Boys or the making of this video in any way or form. But regardless Hobo and The Boys Feel that a Subaru Crosstrek XV is a strong dependable beautiful family car and what’s better than family? Nothing — except a Subaru Crosstrek XV.”

Who knows? Maybe he’s looking for a brand deal. Subaru, the ball is in your court.

Update – 9/30/19: He’s not