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Honda Fit Infographic: How Much of the Holidays Can You Fit Into a Fit?

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Honda Fit infographic

A new Honda Fit infographic tells us how much holiday junk you can fit inside that trunk

A new (and remarkably slight, albeit festive) infographic we just received from Honda finally answers the age-old question: how many gifts would a Honda Fit fit, if a Honda Fit could fit gifts? Apparently, the answer depends on the recipient of the gift (or gifts) in question. According to information from the very official-sounding National Retail Federation’s Top Toys Survey, the average gift for a girl is wrapped in a 15″x 19″x 4″ box, while boys gifts are apparently quite smaller, with dimensions of 3″x 10″x 15″, it seems. With 52.7 cubic feet of cargo room, the Honda Fit can hold 65 girls presents or 158 boys presents. If you need to lug around gifts for both boys and girls, well, you’ll have to do that math on your own time.

Honda Fit infographic

As the Honda Fit infographic notes, the Fit bests the Kia Rio, Chevy Sonic, Hyundai Accent and Nissan Versa Note when it comes to holding a ridiculously large amount of presents. Santa, take note.