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How Domino’s Picked the Spark for Its DXP Delivery Cars

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We couldn’t imagine a more noble purpose for the Chevy Spark than delivering Domino’s pizza to hungry Americans
Photo: skeeze via Pixabay

If you’re a fan of pizza (we definitely are here at The News Wheel), summer is the perfect time to celebrate Domino’s key role in the U.S. pizza industry. Pay homage to this company’s commitment to cheese pies (and the Americans who love eating them) by learning more about how it decided on the Chevy Spark for its DXP delivery vehicle fleet.

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Envisioning a smarter pizza delivery car

While the DXP vehicles aren’t new, some recent conversations on Twitter about them have generated fresh interest. Nicolas de Peyer, former project lead for Local Motors, recently shared how Domino’s decided on the Chevy Spark as the base for their DXP fleet.

Per de Peyer, the company was originally leaning toward a totally customized fleet rather than modifying pre-existing models. To this end, Local Motors hosted a contest. Slovenian designer Anej Kostrevc had the winning design: a model dubbed the Domino’s Pack. This bespoke design was going to cost up to $50 million, however, so Domino’s turned its gaze to prebuilt models that it could modify.

The company decided to go with the Chevy Spark, due to its “great efficiency, good price, good service network, ease of parking, and enough room for most deliveries,” said de Peyer. It’s worth noting that it beat out candidates like the Ford Fiesta, Nissan Cube, and Honda Fit.

Not only did the Spark model offer the versatility and convenience Domino’s was looking for, but when modified, these cars also offer a unique solution to save pizza delivery people time and increase their chances for higher tips from customers.

The customized Sparks swap out all of the passengers’ seats for increased storage capacity. Not only can these models hold up to 45 pizzas and a dozen large bottles of soda, but it also has a pizza-warming compartment.

Beyond pizza delivery

Though delivering pizza is definitely one of the most important tasks a Chevy Spark could have, in our humble opinion (because pizza…), this car has a deserving fan base for a variety of its strengths. Learn more about its technology, safety features, and efficiency when you explore the model overview here. Then read about Kelley Blue Book’s praise of its affordable price tag.

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