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How to Prep Teens for Their First Driving Lessons

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For many teenagers, being able to drive a car comes as an important rite of passage. It’s a transition that parents should not overlook in terms of offering them support as they learn how to drive. Whether you like it or not, your teen has to learn how to drive. And while it can be a sentimental milestone for you as a parent, it can also give you a legitimate reason to worry. In order to dissipate the fear of seeing your kid behind the wheel, you may want to put a few preparatory ideas in mind.

Let them ride shotgun

The best way for your teen to learn the ropes of becoming a responsible driver is to demonstrate what it’s like to drive. Your teen has to build the confidence required before taking formal driving lessons, so seeing you operate the car without much issue provides a special kind of relief. That said, you may have let your teen sit right beside as you drive him or her to school every day. From this, you can teach your teen defensive driving techniques as well as other skills for dealing with certain situations. Make sure you teach them the habits and behavior you want them to pick up. That means using your signals, practicing safe driving, and not checking your phone.

Provide emotional support

Most teens are very much excited to wrap their fingers around the steering wheel. Then again, there are those who treat it like a trip to the dentist. If your teen is scared of driving, you may have to be a source of motivation. Offer words of encouragement and tell your teen that the confidence to drive takes time and constant practice to develop. Expose your teen to the wonders of driving and show that there’s really nothing to be afraid about.

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Focus on parking

You can always teach your teen to shift gears or drive up steep slopes, but it takes guts and resolve to park a car perfectly. That said, you might want to let your teen practice certain parking techniques. It helps if you’re able to find a spacious lot where there are no distractions.

Discuss about vehicle maintenance

Driving and parking a car is one thing, but keeping it in good condition is another. That said, you might also want to teach your teen basic vehicle servicing, such as changing the oil and checking the brakes for issues. Your teen will have to learn how to do all these alone if they’re up to be responsible drivers.

Look for the right driving school

Months before your teen starts on the path towards a driver’s license, you will need to look for a driving school that offers quality driving lessons and for less. Nowadays, it’s easy to find a driving center that lets your teen nurture the skills needed while on the road. You just have to look hard for a driving school that has all the right features.

Being able to drive a car can be exhilarating or scary, depending on what your teen thinks about this significant part of adulthood. Either way, preparation is still very much important if you want your teen to take the smoother road to getting licensed.

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