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How to Remove a Bumper Sticker

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Remove a Bumper Sticker

Learn how to remove a bumper sticker with the help of a hair dryer and a little patience. Photo by Richard Masoner

Maybe it was something you thought was funny, or you were really pulling for Ralph Nader all those years, but now, you’re trying to sell your car and you’ve realized Nader is never going to win. So, how can you remove that ill-advised bumper sticker without it ruining your car?

There are two pretty solid methods on how to remove a bumper sticker. The first is the lubricant method.

  • Peel back the edge of bumper stick along at a corner.
  • Spray a lubricant, like WD-40, underneath the exposed, sticky surface of the stick that is attached to your car.
  • Continue spraying and peeling slowly until the bumper sticker is completely removed.
  • Wipe away the excess lubricant

The hair dryer method. You can use a standard, household hair dyer or a heat gun.

  • Hold the hair dryer about 6” from the sticker and blow heat directly on it for about two minutes.
  • Peel up a corner (much like in the lubricant method) and slowly pull it back (not up)
  • Pull slowly back on the bumper sticker and apply heat as need.

Once the sticker is gone, you may have a clear, adhesive residue on your vehicle where the stick was. You can clean that off using an automotive adhesive cleaner like PPG Ditzo DX 440.

Share your tips for removing bumper stickers in the comments below.