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How to Save Money on Tires

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For many drivers, fall through winter is the prime time for buying new tires. With the holidays just around the corner, however, who wants to spend a fortune on this maintenance need? There are three strategies you can implement to help save yourself some cash when making this purchase.

Car Checkup: Autumnal maintenance smarts

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Sometimes you can get away with replacing just two of tires.
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1) Replace only the tires that most need it

While many car technicians wax eloquent about the “need” of replacing all four tires, it’s not always necessary. It’s true that front tires often wear down at a faster rate than back tires. Also, if you regularly rotate your tires, then there’s a good chance that you might need to replace only the front ones.

Buying two new tires will cost you half as much as replacing all four. Be sure to rotate the old tires to the front of your car and put the new ones on the back, which will give your car the best traction and stability on the road.


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2) Shop around

It’s always wise to shop around before committing to buy. Inquire about manufacturer rebates on tires at your local car shop.

Another way to go is to purchase tires online. Per Consumer Reports, recommends checking out and is another excellent venue. And don’t underestimate Walmart; you can order tires online and pick them up in store at a low price. (Bonus tip: Installation fee per tire is only $12, which is significantly less than having this service done somewhere else.)


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Off-brand = save money.
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3) Opt for off-brand

Many drivers pay more than they should on tires simply because they opt for big brands over lesser known ones. However, there are many off-brands with quality tires which will cost about half as much as those from popular brands. Westlake, Hankook, Veento, Nexen, Cooper, and Bridgestone are just some of the reputable off-brand tire companies that have achieved high consumer ratings for tires.

Don’t settle for expensive tires when you can obtain quality tires for less. Follow these tips to enjoy greater traction on the road this season without draining your savings.



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