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How to Use Uber

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How Uber Got Started

Uber is a car transportation service that gets you where you need to go with ease

If you have ears, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Uber. Despite the company being in the news lately for a variety of reasons—including being the cause of riots in Paris and possibly being sued and suspended in California— it’s likely that the main reason you know about Uber is because you like to get around town in a quick, easy, and affordable way. For you Uber virgins who are wondering just how this transportation company works, using Uber to catch a ride is relatively simple.

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Uber Car Service

Just set your pickup location and wait for a driver!

First, you’ll need to create a free account on either the official Uber website or Uber smartphone app, including your billing information with a valid credit card. Once the account is created, if you don’t already have the smartphone app, make sure it is downloaded on your phone—this will be your main form of communication with Uber.

When you’re ready for a ride, log into the app using your account information and choose a vehicle type depending on your needs. Your vehicle options are endless and you can tailor them to fit what you need. Want to impress a date? Then order a luxury sedan. Have a big group of people? An SUV is just the ticket! Once you decide the specific vehicle you want, just mark your location and request a ride.

Once a driver has accepted, enter your exact address and then just wait. You will be given the driver’s phone number should you need to contact him with any special considerations.

During the trip, you can check the app to see where you’re going and, if using an iOS device, the estimated time of arrival. The best part of this whole experience, though, is that you don’t need to worry about cash. Once you reach your final destination, Uber will automatically charge the credit card associated with your account. Once the initial setup is complete, it’s just a few taps away any time you need a ride!

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