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Hyundai Establishes Monthly “Human Library” Discussion in Seoul

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Hyundai Establishes Monthly Human Library Discussion in Seoul

What better way for a business to improve its product and meet the needs of its customers than inviting people to a public forum to share opinions and suggestions? Hyundai has begun doing this–on a monthly basis, no less.

At the end of June, Hyundai held its first “Human Library” group discussion in South Korea. Obviously not as sinister as it sounds, the “Human Library” event is merely picking customers’ brains for their input.

Although using that idiom doesn’t make the idea sound any less creepy.

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Hyundai’s “Human Library” is an open forum which invites customers and notable spokespeople to share their ideas and experiences with the company. The event takes place on the last Friday of every month at the automaker’s Motorstudio showroom, located in Seoul. The program is intended to open communication between customers and the company, thus improving the brand’s appeal and customer satisfaction.

The first session, which took place on June 26th, involved 30 Hyundai customers and brand enthusiasts, along with celebrities and media personalities. Topics of discussion involved food, cars, and personal beliefs, led by web comic artist/TV chef Kim Poong.

According to Hyundai Motor’s Executive Vice President Won Hong Cho, “Our pledge to offer the best service for customers will always be our priority, and we hope to live up to this commitment in many ways at our Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul showroom. Human Library is another important step in enriching and expanding our interaction with customers.”

The idea for the Human Library came from Denmark’s Ronni Abergel as a way to promote dialogue.

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