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Hyundai Preserves Indian Monuments with “Save Our Heritage” Program

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Countries around the world have histories far older and more magnificent than ours in America, and it’s important that the icons of yesteryear not be neglected with each passing generation. While the world is becoming overrun by manufacturing and technology companies draining natural resources and ever-expanding their reach, current and future generations must merge global and ecological awareness with business development.

Earlier this year, Hyundai launched the “Save Our Heritage” initiative as part of its ongoing “Happy Move” tenet in order to preserve India’s legacy for generations to come. Volunteers from India and South Korea have been joining to preserve Delhi, one of the most culturally rich and often-overlooked cities in the East. This city is filled with architectural and religious history.

From January 11th-21st, India invited nearly a hundred youths from South Korea to help clean up and refurbish some of India’s treasured ancient monuments, including Safdarjung Tomb, Qutub Minar, Old Fort and Firoz Shah Kotla. The second round of preservation work took place July 10th-21st as another wave of volunteers came together to fix-up Jantar Mantar, Qutub Minar, Old Fort and Hauz Khas. In addition over the past, Hyundai’s “Happy Move” volunteers have helped create sanitation facilities for over 500 families around Chennai.

Not just about getting work done to clean up sites around Delhi, “Save Our Heritage” also aims to educate future generations to carry the torch. The volunteer teams visited schools around the monuments in Delhi to inspire over 2,000 students to make a difference as they grow up.

While many of us in America will never see these historic sites in person, it’s crucial that we all work as one on a global front to respect, support, and preserve the heritages of other cultures around the world, just like Hyundai is doing.