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In the Rearview: the F-150 Is Popular and Other Surprises

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Welcome to In the Rearview, where we present a digest of some of the big stories in automotive news over the past week.

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This week, under “Surprises That Aren’t That Surprising,” we have the Jeep Wrangler winning SEMA’s Hottest 4×4 Award (because of course it did), the Ford F-150 Raptor’s configurator site becoming overwhelmed (because of course it was), and Buick releasing a teaser image of its mysterious Velite concept (except we totally know that it’s a rebadged Volt).

Following that, we had a couple of vehicles caught on camera during testing, including the 2018 Camry TRD (captured during the day by professionals) and the 2018 Malibu (captured during the night by me with my phone camera).

Third, we take a look back at Sesame Street, and the Count von Count’s fabulous purple Countmobile, followed by a look forward to Jackie Chan’s upcoming movie, featuring a lion in the backseat of an Infiniti QX while it runs over supercars.

In news out of Germany, Opel has come up with a new, somewhat awkward ad campaign featuring internet star Grumpy Cat (and some cringeworthy press releases), and in news out of the United States, we bring you a special interview with CEO Nathan Hecht as he walks us through the new car leasing app Honcker.

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