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Introducing the 2016 Honda HR-V “Selfie” Edition

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2016 Honda HR-V Selfie

Automakers are terrified that Millennials are going to stop buying cars and just start Ubering everywhere (although they should really chill out), and it’s made them increasingly desperate to reach the younger generation. GM is probably the most egregious offender, with its hipsterish “Hidden Gems” marketing campaign for the Chevy Trax, which hired “social media influencers” to inform young people where to find the coolest, most underground clubs and trampoline centers in the city.

But now Honda is giving Chevy a run for its money with the Millennial-friendly 2016 Honda HR-V “Selfie” Edition, or HR-V SLF. Equipped with 10 different “selfie” cameras inside and outside of the vehicle, the HR-V Selfie Edition is perfect for people who love to document every waking moment of their life via social media, like Ashley:

So, in case you haven’t figured it out, this is an early April Fool’s Day prank from Honda. And it’s a pretty damn good one! Honestly, if GM can hire a professional Instagrammer to cover the Detroit Auto Show, is it that hard to believe that a car company might enlist the aid of a “selfie portrait artist”?

According to Honda’s official press release:

 To beta-test the hands-free selfie technology, the automaker worked with 15 social media influencers over a period of six months and chose Ashley H., a self-proclaimed selfie fanatic who boasts a 99 SMIR score (social media influencer rank) to participate in making a product video. Ashley was given an HR-V SLF to test the technology and selfie functions, which only operate when the car is in park, and demonstrates how easy the cameras are to use by connecting her smartphone toHondaLink, which enables her to both take selfies and upload directly to social media.

Well done, Honda. Not quite as fun as Google Maps’ Pac-Man game, but pretty clever.