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Japan Will Soon Start Implementing 3D Maps with Self-Driving Vehicles

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Japan is poised to use 3D mapping to enhance self-driving vehicle technology. Per The Japan News, the public will start using the maps as early as March 2019, for vehicles navigating major expressways and highways.

Benefits of 3D mapping

3D maps are uniquely suited for improving autonomous vehicle (AV) navigation for a variety of reasons. AV navigation relies on three functions: cognitive, judgment, and operational. Cognitive function is the stage where the vehicle detects environmental information via its sensors and cameras. This leads to the judgment function, where the vehicle’s artificial intelligence decides on a response based on the information gathered. Finally, the operational function is the determined action the vehicle decides to perform.

3D maps have a distinct advantage over conventional vehicle navigation systems currently on the market. The main objective of navigation systems is to inform the vehicle of driving directions. 3D maps, on the other hand, are based on GPS technology. Thus, the technology supplies the vehicle with more comprehensive information about the auto’s surroundings. For example, it can inform the car about the location of lane lines and what speed limit it should be observing.

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Entities involved

Three major organizations are behind Japan’s 3D map development: Innovation Network Corporation of Japan, Dynamic Map Platform Co., and Zenrin Co. The first entity is a government-sponsored public-private fund. Dynamic Map Platform Co. is a development company based in Tokyo, while Zenrin Co. is a major map publisher. These three entities promise to further the country’s goal of enhancing self-driving vehicle technology. We anticipate more details in the days ahead as Japan takes strides toward incorporating 3D mapping in early 2019.

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News Source: The Japan News