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Jeep and Ram on the Rise While Chrysler Sales Decline in July

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While Jeep experienced a sales increase of 15 percent last month, Chrysler sales fell by 13 percent

July was a month of mixed sales success for FCA’s brands

Fiat Chrysler’s decision to focus on trucks, crossovers, and SUVs has evidently paid off for its Jeep and Ram brands, which specialize in these vehicle classes. On the other hand, its Chrysler and Dodge brands have fallen behind.

In all, Fiat Chrysler’s sales increased by 6 percent in July.

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Last month, Fiat Chrysler sold a total of 170,970 vehicles. That an improvement over the 161,477 vehicles the automaker sold last July.

That’s pretty par the course for Fiat Chrysler’s sales so far this year. Year-to-date, FCA has sold 1,286,446 vehicles, a sales increase of 5 percent.

Jeep sales continue to climb upwards

Unsurprisingly, Jeep experienced the best sales performance in July. FCA sold 79,906 Jeeps in July alone.

That accounts for a 15 percent sales increase. Year-to-date, Jeep’s sales are even more impressive, up by 21 percent.

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Ram also made something of a recovery last month. Ram sales came in at 45,065 units, an increase of 2 percent.

Still, Ram’s year-to-date sales have suffered. So far this year, FCA has sold 305,406 Ram vehicles, a sales decrease of 6 percent.

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Strong Charger sales kept the Dodge brand afloat

Meanwhile, Dodge’s sales stagnated last month. By the end of July, FCA sold 31,119 Dodge models.

Dodge Charger sales buoyed up the brand’s overall sales performance. After all, last month was the model’s best July sales period ever.

Its larger cousin, the Challenger, didn’t fare so well. Challenger sales were down by 9 percent last month.

Slight gains for the Pacifica couldn’t save the Chrysler brand as a whole

Chrysler suffered the largest sales losses of any FCA mainline brand. Sales were down to 11,624 units last month, accounting for a 13 percent sales decrease.

Pacifica sales actually grew by 6 percent. Still, declining sales for the Chrysler 300 negated any sales gains the Pacifica might have experienced.

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As for FCA’s smaller brands, Fiat unsurprisingly lost sales, experiencing a 45 percent sales decline. Yet, perhaps more surprising were sliding sales for Alfa Romeo’s popular Giulia model, which experienced a 22 percent sales decline.

The chart below illustrates the sales performance of each FCA vehicle in the U.S. during July:

FCA July 2018 Sales