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Jeep Ends 2017 with an 11% Sales Decline

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Despite strong sales from both the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, Jeep sales were still down by 12% in December

2016 Jeep Patriot Front End

With the deletion of the Patriot, Jeep was guaranteed to save costs, but lose sales in the process

Near the end of 2017, sales for Jeep were on the rise once again, a contrast to the brand’s performance at the beginning of the year. During the final month of the year, however, sales returned to a more familiar level.

As December drew to a close, monthly Jeep sales were down by 12%. As such, the brand finished the 2017 sales year with an 11% sales decline.

Jeep manged to sell 73,205 vehicles last month. During December of 2016, Jeep sold 83,159 models.

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Much of this sales decline is not at all surprising. After all, Jeep removed the Patriot from its lineup earlier this year, with the new Jeep Compass replacing both the Patriot and the previous Compass.

As for the Compass, sales were up by 10% last month. By the end of the month, Jeep sold 8, 743 of its new Compass vehicles.

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The Grand Cherokee was the only Jeep to gain sales in 2017

The Compass wasn’t the only vehicle to experience a sales increase for December. Grand Cherokee sales came in at 23,622 units, a 2% increase.

More surprisingly, Cherokee sales were also on the rise. In fact, sales for the Jeep Cherokee increased 18% in December.

2016 Jeep Cherokee Front View

The Cherokee has had a fantastic past few months

One of Jeep’s most popular models, the Jeep Wrangler, actually lost sales last month. Wrangler Sales only reached 13,700 units, a 13% sales decrease.

This sales loss isn’t that surprising either. Jeep recently revealed the next generation of Jeep Wrangler vehicles, so enthusiasts are probably holding out on a Wrangler purchase until that model is released to the general public.

Consumers might be waiting to purchase a Wrangler until the new version arrives on dealership lots later this year

Wrangler Sales remained rather stagnant for 2017 as a whole. Jeep sold 190,522 Wranglers throughout the year, a slight 1% decrease compared to the 191,774 Wranglers it sold during 2016.

The only Jeep model to experience year-over-year sales growth in 2017 was the Grand Cherokee. Sales for the SUV were up by 13% compared to its sales performance in 2016.

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Jeep finished the year off with 828,522 vehicles sold, quite the impressive amount. Nevertheless, this is still down by 11% compared to a year prior.

To examine how Jeep performed during 2017 as a whole, you can take a look at the chart below:

Jeep December 2017 Sales