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Kia Reintroduces, Remakes its Famous Hamsters for 2014 Soul VMA Ad

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Not all of the talk coming out of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards was about a bunch of giant, disquietingly dour teddy bears (so very fluffy, so very sad): there was quite a bit of focus on the return of Kia’s much-beloved hamsters.

2014 Soul VMA Ad

Kia designers working to redesign the 2014 Kia Soul during the 2014 Soul VMA ad.

Kia aired the fifth installment in its dancing-hamster commercial series during the 2013 VMAs to call attention to its 2014 Kia Soul. Boasting totally transformed hamsters to match the redesigned-for-2014 Soul, the commercial shows a montage of the hamster trio exercising as a Kia engineer crafts the Soul’s interior, exterior, and tech. And yes, the 2014 Soul still looks vaguely like a big ol’ hamster, even with its stylistic upgrades.

Lady Gaga’s newest single, “Applause,” provides the soundtrack for the ad, which ultimately sees the cute and cuddly hamsters of old stepping out of an Alien Green 2014 Soul and onto the red carpet…as horrifyingly anthropomorphized hamster-men. Seriously, it’s kind of weird at the end, there. Still, the hamster-monsters manage to be substantially less creepy than Robin Thicke.

Kia has announced that the all-new 2014 Soul will see a slight increase in price and should begin to arrive at dealerships between fall and early 2014. With everybody talking about the VMAs this year, Kia is hoping that the ad will land the 2014 Kia high on Christmas lists. Even if those cute hamsters got really uncanny really fast.

But again, at least the hamsters never wrote and performed a song whose lyrics were nauseatingly skeezy and whose music was blatantly ripped off from an actual musical genius. And for that, fictional Kia hamsters are better than Robin Thicke.

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