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L.A. Woman Wins $4 Million Lawsuit After Sinkhole Accident

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Colorado Sinkhole $4 million
Photo: Sheridan Police Department (Twitter)

Back in February of 2017, a woman’s car fell into a sinkhole, causing her serious injuries. The woman sued the city of Los Angeles for the incident, and the city now has to pay $4 million.

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Information on the incident and lawsuit

In the Los Angeles Fire Department’s incident report, Stephanie Scott is said to have told firefighters about her car falling into the sinkhole. Once it went into the sinkhole, the car deployed its airbags, and water began entering the interior. She was unable to lift up the windows, but she did manage to open the door.

After she got out of her car, Scott went on top of the then upside-down car and yelled for help. Even standing on her car, Scott was still 10 feet under the street’s surface level. Firefighters rescued her from the sinkhole with a 20-foot extension ladder, which she climbed up.

When in the sinkhole, Scott said her car flipped over multiple times. By the time it stopped moving, it was sitting upside down in rushing water. A minivan fell into the sinkhole as well and landed on Scott’s car after she was already out of the sinkhole.

The accident caused Scott to have a traumatic brain injury, vision problems, and post-concussive symptoms. Attorney Kevin Boyle said in a statement, per the Times, “Ms. Scott’s SUV fell 20 feet and landed on its roof. She is lucky to be alive — she could easily have broken her neck from the roof crush or drowned in the sewage she woke up in after regaining consciousness.”

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Scott later sued the city of Los Angeles, the city’s departments of power and water, and more for alleged negligence. To settle the lawsuit, the Los Angeles City Council agreed to pay a maximum of $4 million.