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Large Sedan Sales Surprise for FCA in July

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While overall sales for FCA decreased by 10% last month, the large sedans in its lineup actually experienced sales growth

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For the past couple of months, FCA has maintained a steady 7% year-to-date sales decline. July was no exception, as the decline in year-to-date sales for FCA remained 7%. Meanwhile, July sales for the automaker were down 10% compared to a year ago.

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During July, FCA sold a grand total of 161,477 vehicles. In July of 2016, FCA managed to sell 180,389 vehicles. Ram remains FCA’s strongest brand in terms of sales growth, outside of the recently-reintroduced Alfa Romeo. Still, last month Ram managed to barely edge out its sales performance from a year prior, with 44,090 Ram vehicles sold compared to last July’s 44,057 vehicles. As previously mentioned, Alfa Romeo is FCA’s fastest-growing brand. July sales saw a boost thanks to the introduction of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Alfa’s newest SUV model.

alfa romeo stelvio

As the Stelvio starts to arrive, Alfa only finds more success stateside

As for FCA’s best-selling brand, Jeep sold 69,351 units last month. Compared to last July, this accounts for a 12% sales decline. Introducing a new Jeep Compass model has worked in the brand’s favor; Jeep Compass sales were up 8% in July. Another successful Jeep model, the Grand Cherokee, experienced a 14% sales growth last month. Year-to-date, the Grand Cherokee is Jeep’s best-selling model, with 135,403 units sold and a sales growth of 16%.

2017 Jeep Compass Front End

A brand-new Jeep Compass helped the model recover from past sales losses this year

In a market where large sedans are rapidly disappearing, it’s a surprise to see the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger do so well. Chrysler 300 sales were up 31% last month, while Charger sales were up 9%. The Dodge Charger even managed to outsell the ever-popular Dodge Challenger last month, following the Challenger’s best sales month ever in June. The Challenger model resumed its position behind the Ford Mustang in the muscle car race, courtesy of a 5% sales decline.

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So far in 2017, FCA has delivered a total of 1,228,839 vehicles, compared to the 1,324,672 vehicles sold in the first seven months of 2016. As FCA follows in General Motors and Ford’s footsteps by reducing fleet sales to increase average vehicle profits, some of these sales declines are to be expected.

To see how each FCA model is currently doing, check out the sales chart below:

FCA July 2017 Sales