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Latest Stats Reveal That More Than Half of Drivers Don’t Know Basic Dashboard Symbols

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TPMS light
According to research from vehicle data firm HPI, many drivers are ignorant about dashboard warning symbols. 59 percent of motorists couldn’t identify some of the most basic dashboard signs, and this group admitted that they usually went a week before acting on the warning symbol.

The statistics

64 percent of those surveyed couldn’t name the tire pressure warning light, while 59 percent didn’t know what the airbag warning light meant. A whopping 96 percent of participants didn’t know what the brake warning light indicated.

While only 41 percent of those surveyed classified the engine management light as the most urgent warning, only 17 percent ranked the braking system symbol as a top priority. And just 3 percent considered the airbag warning light as most urgent.

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Different response times

Surprisingly (or not), 18- to 24-year-olds were not the fastest to respond to dashboard warning lights; in fact, they were the slowest responders. They took an average of 10.6 days before taking their vehicle in to a mechanic. Drivers over 55 years of age responded more quickly, taking an average of 6.4 days to get their vehicle inspected.

Cost might be one reason for the delayed response to dashboard symbols. After all, who hasn’t experienced at least a bit of financial dread when a dashboard warning light turns on? But as costly as vehicle repairs might be, it’s important to prioritize safety. Make sure to take your vehicle in as soon as a dashboard symbol illuminates.

If you’re not sure (or just can’t remember) what many of your dashboard’s warning lights mean, there are many helpful guides on the subject. If you prefer an audiovisual lowdown on dashboard symbols, watch the short video below:

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News Source: iNews