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(At Least One) Honda Civic Type R Comes to America!

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At least one Civic Type R comes to America—will more follow?

At least one Honda Civic Type R comes to America—will more follow?
Photo Source: Jordyn, via Jalopnik

1/22/15 UPDATE: More photos of the Civic Type R in Ohio!

Last month, we reported on a very exciting rumor that the Honda Civic Type R was coming here to the US, and then we threw cold water all over that rumor the next day with a less than enthusiastic response from the Japanese automaker.

Well, another day, another reason to get one’s hopes up: a Jalopnik reader in Ohio named Jordyn spotted a camouflaged Civic Type R cruising around the city of Marysville, which is home to one of Honda’s manufacturing plants. Take a look at the snapshot:

Honda Civic Type R comes to America

Photo Source: Jordyn, via Jalopnik

The bad news? It’s pretty standard for companies to test out vehicles in countries where they have no intention of actually marketing the product, so this car spotting could mean nothing. The good news? In the same sense that this photo doesn’t necessarily mean America will get a Civic Type R, it also doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t.

After all, the Japanese automaker has declared 2015 “The Year of Honda.” What better way to prove it than to produce an American version of the Civic Type R hot hatch?

So although this photo doesn’t really confirm or deny any of the speculation, there’s still hope that a Civic Type R for the US market could be in the cards—especially if we the people demand it. So write your congressman, stage a hunger strike, kidnap ASIMO and demand a Type R as ransom—do whatever it takes to make an American Honda Civic Type R a reality!