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Man Sets Ex-Girlfriend’s Mazda on Fire, Friends Don’t Stop Him

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Going through a breakup isn’t an easy time, no matter which side of the relationship you’re on. That’s why it helps to have a friend who can help you through it—whether it’s to comfort you, calm you down, and, hopefully, help you make the right decisions.

Alternatively, a friend can take pictures while you set fire to your ex-girlfriend’s car.

Jesse Ocampo, age 25, left threatening voicemails on his ex-girlfriend’s phone up until around 3:15am on July 22nd. Less than an hour later, her son saw that her Mazda sedan was on fire in the parking lot of the Legacy Apartment complex in Northeast Austin, Texas, where she lives.

Her son also claims he saw a white pickup truck speed out of the parking lot at the same time, which seems to fit Ocampo’s story that he was out with his two friends that night, one of whom drives a white pickup.

One of Ocampo’s friends allegedly took pictures of him reaching inside the broken back window of the Mazda as the car was smoking, though it’s unclear whether he did this as a friend recording a sweet revenge plot or as a turncoat documenting evidence of Ocampo’s crime to later turn him in to the police.

For the record, that was a joke. If your friend sets a person’s car on fire, they shouldn’t be your friend, and you should definitely report them.

Ocampo’s other friend claimed he saw him “do something with his shirt” before breaking the Mazda’s back windshield and placing a rag that he had set on fire inside.

The fire caused about $6,900 in damages and Jesse Ocampo has been charged with arson, which is a felony. Hopefully that teaches him to stop hurting Mazdas!