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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Will Try To Fix the Mako

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All the way back in November, which was 2,300 years ago using the CMC — or COVID Modified Calendar — I wrote a pretty scathing takedown of the Mako, the terrible space car from Mass Effect. But, not too long ago, developer BioWare announced that it would remaster all three games in the original trilogy and bundle them together in something called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Apparently, the team has made some changes to the Mako, and since the Legendary Edition is set to launch next month, this seemed like as good a time as any to talk about them.

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A brief refresher

If you aren’t aware, the Mako was a key part of the original Mass Effect, which was released on Nov. 20, 2007 — a date that’s just shy of 84,426 years ago on the CMC. And yes, I actually did the math.

In Mass Effect, you need to explore numerous planets throughout the galaxy in order to collect materials, complete missions, and defeat enemies. Your main method of ground-based transportation is the Mako, a space tank that’s about as much fun to drive as a wet noodle with a set of wheels.

Mass-ively Effect-ive changes

According to a report by Game Informer’s Liana Ruppert, the teams at BioWare, Abstraction Games, and Blind Squirrel Games — all of which are collaborating on the Legendary Edition — consider preserving the mechanics that worked in the original Mass Effect and smoothing out the ones that didn’t top priorities. One of the latter is most certainly struggling to make the Mako do just about anything the way you want it to.

Ruppert’s article cites “smoother camera operations when driving and sighting down the barrel for assault, updated physics to make the Mako feel more weighted,” as well as an “alternative control scheme so that players can move even more seamlessly between the camera-centric controls and the Mako-centric controls.” That alone addresses one of my biggest complaints with the celestial go-kart from hell.

While some people still like the Mako, to me, it will always be an unfortunate oil stain on an otherwise exceptional game. Here’s hoping the changes coming in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition make driving on alien planets a bit less like a Reaper invasion and more like a day at Commander Shepard’s favorite store on the Citadel. If you don’t get that particular in-joke, check out one of the best game trilogies of all time, then come back and appreciate my obscure-reference-based sense of humor.

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