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MECO Car Trunk Organizer: A Review of the Handy, Collapsible Auto Storage Tote

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MECO Car Trunk Organizer Collapsible Auto Storage Box Review gadget purchase

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When you have the inclination or need to clean quickly clean out your car’s cabin, the trunk typically becomes a catch-all for all the loose objects that had been floating around in the back seat. Over time, the trunk becomes filled with loose objects like emergency tools, grocery bags, flashlights, and ice scrapers that roll around freely when you make sharp turns.

If you’ve decided that it’s finally time to clean up that disaster of a trunk, you’ll need to consolidate that mess. An excellent tool for the job is the MECO Car Trunk Organizer.

MECO Car Trunk Organizer Review

Product: Fold-able, collapsible automotive storage bin
23 x 14.5 x 12 inches fully expanded

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MECO Car Trunk Organizer Collapsible Auto Storage Box Review dividers

Product Information

MECO produces a wide variety of household and automotive gadgets at lower-than-average prices. One of the company’s newest products is a rectangular bin used for arranging and holding your various trunk junk and car gadgets in one place.

The collapsible bin can be expanded to full size—two compartments with a divider down the middle—to accommodate a variety of items you’d keep in your vehicle but don’t need within arm’s reach every day—things like emergency items, camping gear, off-roading tools, children’s toys, etc. The bin is collapsible for initial shipment and storage between uses (if this is something you’d prefer to only use periodically).

The bin comes with an advertised 100% satisfaction guarantee that includes a 40-day risk-free, money-back guarantee.

MECO Car Trunk Organizer Collapsible Auto Storage Box Review shipping

Product Packaging & Quality

MECO Car Trunk Organizer Collapsible Auto Storage Box Review package unwrapYour purchased MECO organizing bin comes collapsed and packaged in a plastic wrapping which protects it from dirt, snags, and minor tears during shipping. The product is then stored and shipping in a larger box, so unless something disastrous happens in transit, your item should arrive intact.

Upon unsealing the plastic bag and removing the unit, I was struck by the sturdiness of the materials. The MECO organizing bin has some substantial weight to it. Unfolding and erecting it is a breeze—so easy that it doesn’t even come with instructions. Simply stretch the sides out and press the two plastic base inserts down to prevent it from re-collapsing.

My one complaint about the MECO trunk box is that said plastic base inserts do not entirely fit; they’re a tight squeeze, but when one is positioned horizontally in place, there’s not enough room for the second flap to be positioned, resulting in a curled base that strains the corner stitching if pushed too much. The plastic bases should be a quarter-inch shorter each.

It would also be nice if the box were offered in more color options other than just red, so buyers could choose a shade that matched their vehicle’s hue.MECO Car Trunk Organizer Collapsible Auto Storage Box Review corner

But, those are minor gripes for an otherwise well-crafted product. It’s lined with 600D polyester fabric its outer base is waterproof (apart from the stitching); it’s easy to scrub or wipe upon spills or sitting in water. It doesn’t drain water, though, so don’t use it in your exposed truck bed.

The advertised maximum weight is 33 pounds; when I tested it, it held 20 without a problem, but 30 started to strain its binding and fabric.

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MECO Car Trunk Organizer Collapsible Auto Storage Box Review accessory

Overall Assessment: Does It Do What It Claims?

The idea of consolidating and storing the junk in your (car’s) trunk is nothing new, so what sets the MECO bin apart from simply using a duffel bag or canvas tote? Based upon my testings, there are half-a-dozen highlights on this product that elevate it above a simple bag—apart from the easy-clean materials and stiff frame already mentioned. MECO Car Trunk Organizer Collapsible Auto Storage Box Review pockets

  • The inside of the bag has a strip of elastic cargo netting that’s designed to hold pocket-sized items that would otherwise get lost underneath the pile of large items.
  • The bag is divided into two sections, reducing the likelihood of items rolling around and getting tangled when half-filled.
  • Its length allows weight to be distributed evenly rather than in one pile, allowing for easier carrying and less stress on the handles.
  • It’s outfitted with an assortment of attachment points, including metal grommets and looped straps.
  • The open-top design allows for easy access of items without having to dump all the contents out.
  • There are even bungee-bound pockets on the sides of the tote for quick access.

Utilizing a bag that was a fraction of the size of my trunk did concern me. Would such a small bag slide around and tip over during road trips and commutes? Thankfully, the designers thought of that possibility and installed rubber treads on the bottom of the bag to grip the floor and keep it from sliding. Having traveled a three-hour road trip on country roads with it in use, I can safely confirm that the bag stays in place.

Having spent a week using the MECO tote both inside and outside my car, I’ve been consistently impressed with how much the box can hold (if items are organized carefully, it’s practically bottomless) and how easy it is to lift. It’s definitely a way to maximize the space in your trunk without boxing everything up and making in inaccessible.

The retail price of $40 for the unit is reasonable considering how well-made it is. Amazon sometimes runs discounts on the bag (currently at $30), and at reduced prices like that, it’s practically a steal. Pick one up for your vehicle, or buy one as a gift for the messiest person you know.

MECO’s car trunk organizer bin is available via Amazon and other online retailers.

Product provided for review by manufacturer.

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