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MI-TECH CONCEPT Revealed at Tokyo Motor Show

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Photo: Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation finally revealed the MI-TECH CONCEPT, which the company had been teasing up until the Tokyo Motor Show. The plug-in hybrid electric SUV is a part of the Mitsubishi electrification strategy, containing a new drivetrain and advanced technology.

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Features of the MI-TECH CONCEPT

The MI-TECH CONCEPT has a structure similar to that of a buggy. Its light blue exterior includes copper coloring in the motor coil motif that’s on the grille, as well as the interior and the inner wheels.

The exterior is also highlighted by T-shaped headlights and taillamps, an aluminum skid plate and a side step. On the inside, there’s an easy-to-use horizontal instrumental panel. Copper lines are incorporated on the steering wheel and instrumental panel. On the front window shield, you can also view information, like optimal route guidance, car behavior, and terrain recognition.

The SUV is powered by a new PHEV drivetrain. Its power generator is a lightweight gas turbine engine-generator. The gas turbine can run on kerosene, diesel, and even alcohol.

The SUV also includes the S-AWC Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control System along with rear and front Dual-Motor Active Yaw Control units. Together, these features allow you to have more control on and off the road.

You can view important information with the Human Machine Interface in the concept car. Sensing technology, such as an augmented reality windshield’s optical sensors, detects this information so you can make better decisions when driving. MI-PILOT technology can also aid you on drives, whether you take paved or unpaved roads.

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Ashwani Gupta, chief operating officer, MMC, announced that electrification technologies will be added to future models in the Mitsubishi SUV lineup by 2022.