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MINI Introduces John Cooker Works Package as April Fools’ Day Prank

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Meals on wheels that are technically not real

MINI Cooper has a variety of different vehicle models and trims, many of which incorporate elements that you might not expect to find equipped to vehicles. However, the latest special-edition MINI Cooper announced seemed a bit too ridiculous to be real. That’s because it wasn’t.

MINI introduced the John Cooker Works package as an April Fools’ Day prank.

The John Cooker Works is a hypothetical edition of the MINI Cooper Convertible that is built for drivers with a talent for all things cuisine in mind. That’s because the John Cooker Works can be converted into a mobile street vendor. Or at least it could, if it were real.

Solid wood surfaces constructed from sustainable grown oak in the forests of Cornwall can be folded out of the vehicle’s interior. Because even during an April Fools’ prank, MINI likes to keep things environmentally friendly.

All that food is probably sustainable too

These easy-to-store wooden surfaces would theoretically allow drivers to prepare meals and beverages, all without leaving the cabin of their Cooper. An induction cooker with an integrated fume hood would allow drivers to prepare warm meals, while the vehicle’s 215-liter luggage compartment would allow for the cold storage of supplies.

In perhaps the most unrealistic claim of all, MINI guaranteed that the vehicle would be up to all required food regulations and health codes. We’re sure that actual food truck owners would most likely dispute that claim.

If you think it’s easy to keep one of these things sanitary, then you are in for a surprise
Photo: Joe Mabel

If you happen to get stuck out in the rain, don’t worry! MINI’s fake John Cooker Works model has a solution to that as well. The convertible roof of the John Cooker Works would hypothetically be set up in 18 seconds or less.

All together, the John Cooker Works package was listed for an asking price of $1,959. It’s hard to say if this is a fair price for the package, as nothing like it exists, or likely ever will exist.

Guess it’s back to the Farmers Market after all

The faux press release from MINI, released on April 1, even included faux quotes.

“The MINI Convertible is now even more unique than ever before and is the smallest multifunctional food truck in the world”, says Adam Zapple, Head of Development of MINI Special Vehicles and owner of perhaps the most fake-sounding name since “Hugh Mungus.”

To those who were hoping that the rumors of a mobile MINI food station were true, unfortunately you have been fooled. However, did you know that if you say “gullible” out loud really slow, it sounds like “apple pie” instead? Crazy, huh?

Pictured: You if you actually fell for that