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Most Fuel-Efficient Chevys on the Market

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Many of you may be looking for a new vehicle that saves you a little extra cash at the pump.  In addition to the EV and Hybrid options, which save a lot, there are also several fuel efficient gas powered cars on the road too!  Check out the list below to see our list of the most fuel-efficient Chevys determined to save you some money.

most fuel-efficient Chevys

The Chevy Spark tops our list of most fuel-efficient Chevys (photo: InSapphoWeTrust)

Sports Cars:

  • 2013 Camaro, 3.6L, Six-speed Automatic, 19 city/ 22 combined/ 30 highway

Midsize Sedan:

  • 2013 Cruze Eco, 1.4L, Six-speed Manual, 28 city/ 33 combined/ 42 highway


  •  2013 Equinox FWD, 2.4L, Six-speed Automatic, 22 city/ 26 combined/ 32 highway  

Large Sedan:

  • 2013 Malibu eAssist, 2.4L, Six-speed Automatic, 25 city/ 29 combined/ 37 highway

Pick-up Truck:

  •  2013 Silverado K15 4WD, 5.3L, Six-speed Automatic, 15 city/ 17 combined/ 21 highway

Compact Car:

  •  2013 Sonic, 1.4L, Six-speed Manual, 29 city/ 33 combined/ 40 highway
  • 2013 Spark, 1.2L, Five-speed Manual, 32 city/ 34 combined/ 38 highway

Large SUV:

  • 2013 Tahoe 1500 4WD, 5.3L, Six-speed Automatic, 15 city/ 17 combined/ 21 highway

Stop into your nearest Chevy dealer to test drive any of these fuel efficient gas powered models!

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