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New Ford Focus’ Head-Up Display Draws From Fighter Jet Tech

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Ford Focus head-up display

There is a very strong possibility that at some point in your life, you got behind the wheel of your vehicle and imagined yourself instead at the wheel of a fighter jet roaring through the skies. Maybe, just maybe, you even made a few noises with your mouth. Or maybe not. No judgment either way. With its next-generation Focus, Ford is took inspiration from real fighter jets by using their technology to deliver a cutting-edge head-up display.

What makes this new head-up display a cut above the rest is in its ability to help drivers ward off glare. With other HUDs, wearing polarized sunglasses makes it nigh impossible to see the information projected onto the windshield. With the Ford Focus’ head-up display, a filter “bounces back” polarized light to ensure that drivers can clearly read the display even with their sunglasses on. (And, yes, Corey Hart, even if you wear your sunglasses at night, which you should absolutely never do while driving.)

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“Wearing polarized glasses can make a massive difference to visibility for drivers affected by glare, such as when stretches of water, snow or even tarmac reflect sunlight. The Head-up display we are introducing for the all-new Focus offers one of the brightest screens, has among the largest fields of view, and will be clearly visible to all our customers,” said Glen Goold, Ford’s chief program engineer for Focus.

Ford notes that its head-up display boosts light waves vibrating perpendicular to the road, unlike conventional HUDs that use light waves parallel to the road. If you don’t understand the difference, that’s okay — all you need to know is that it’s better.

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