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Nissan UK’s Sunderland Plant Provides PPE to Healthcare Workers

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Nissan UK Sunderland Plant Team
Photo: Nissan

In the midst of this pandemic, healthcare workers need all of the support they can get. That’s why Nissan U.K.’s Sunderland Plant Team is leveraging its resources and working hard to provide aprons and visors to help keep frontline National Health Service workers safe.

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Volunteers and professionals unite for a common cause

Nissan UK Sunderland Plant Team
Photo: Nissan

On request from the Royal College of Nursing, the automaker is dedicating its spare capacity to manufacturing personal protective equipment. Nissan started strong by producing 18,000 aprons per week, but the automaker won’t stop there. Currently, the plant aims to ramp up production to 70,000 units per week. The Sunderland Plant Team is also producing and distributing upward of 100,000 visors per week.

The aprons are made from tear-resistant polythene. They’re being produced according to strict government-issued specifications. Volunteers are also contributing to the assembly and distribution of facial visors.

The PPE production began during the week of April 23. In the first week, the Sunderland Plant received more than 47,000 orders from the NHS. All of this manufacturing is happening alongside the plant’s usual operations. To help things run smoothly, a team of volunteers is helping with processing, sorting, and packing duties.

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Nissan supports healthcare workers

Nissan supports NHS workers
Photo: Nissan

Nissan Production Director Adam Pennick expressed that the automaker is proud to support these critical care workers. “The team at the plant have done an excellent job in creating a production process in such a short space of time. It really highlights the skill and dedication we have in our team at Sunderland Plant,” Pennick further stated.

Throughout the pandemic, Nissan U.K. has been a staunch ally of NHS workers. The automaker also gave away over 100 free loaner vehicles to qualifying healthcare workers and is offering free roadside assistance to all key workers.