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Obtain Your Learner’s License Before Applying For Your Permanent One

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If you are trying to learn how to drive in Australia, you need to go through few steps before you start the process. Each step requires your documents, photocopies, money, and patience. To obtain a learner’s licence, the very first step is to take a learner driver test online and complete the procedure legally.

Step 1 – Complete basic formalities

You first step will be to complete the paperwork and submit the documents on time. Being a learner, you have to understand the road rules and regulations. Generally, learners download a book from the department of transport and main road website. You can study the signs, general traffic rules, and other important stuff about driving lessons in the Sunshine Coast. In fact, you can practice for the learner’s licence test online; there are 30 questions with multiple choice answers. It’s a very good idea to practice online.

Step 2 – Visit nearest branch

Your next step would be to visit a branch of the Department of Transport and Main Roads with your filled-out application form for learner’s licence. It is necessary to carry at least 3 forms of identification with the form: one should have your photo, while the other two can be your birth certificate and a photocopy of your credit card.

Step 3 – Obtain training for driving

Once all the official paperwork is completed, you will start the learning process. The Transport Department will provide you a logbook in which you have to fill in your hours of driving every day. You must fill in at least 100 hours of driving experience, including 10 hours of night driving. If you are a person who tends to misplace things, you can also use an online log book.

Once ready, you can start the learning process on your car with two L plates on your car. Remember that whoever is teaching you should have a driving licence with them. However, the Department of Transport and Main Roads notes that if you decide to take driving classes instead of learning with a friend or parent, you can count 1 hour as 3 hours in the log book.

Step 4 – Obtain your driving licence

Once you have logged in 100 hours of driving in the log book, you should submit it to the Department Of Transport and Main Roads. They will assess the log book and give you the result of the assessment.

Once your log book is cleared, you can apply for the driving test. Book a driving test with a test center. On the day of the test, get there 10 minutes before your test with all your documents in hand. The test center will also see the L plates on your car and your driving technique. This procedure is for obtaining a P1, or provisional, driving licence.

Once you are done with the provisional test, you can apply for the hazard perception test or P2. This test is available online and takes 45 minutes to complete. The Department Of Transport and Main Roads will contact you and send you an official letter with the driving licence and official documents once you have passed this third exam.

Please note: After holding a P2 licence for 24 months, you’ll be eligible to apply for an open licence, which has no restrictions. Before completing 12 months with P2 licence, you cannot teach driving to a learner professionally or in your family. In addition, you have to hold an open licence for at least 12 months to teach driving to a learner.

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