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Original ‘Bullitt’ Mustang Hero Car Heading to Auction

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1968 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt
The original Bullitt Mustang hero car is going up for auction next year
Photo: Ford Motor Company

In January 2018, the world was shocked at the news that the original Bullitt Mustang hero car — driven by Steve McQueen in the classic 1968 film and long thought lost — was very much still kicking. As it turned out, a man by the name of Sean Kiernan had kept the car since inheriting it from his father, Robert, who purchased the car in 1974 for $6,000.

Now, Kiernan stands poised to make a considerable return on his father’s investment. Mecum Auctions has announced that the Highland Green 1968 Ford Mustang GT once driven by the coolest man on the planet will be up for grabs at the Kissimmee 2020 auction.

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Ironically, when Vanity Fair first broke the story of the lost Mustang’s return from obscurity in 2018, it erroneously stated in the headline of its article that the Bullitt Mustang was up for auction. At the time, the value of the car was estimated at anywhere between $3-5 million. Road & Track points out that Kevin Marti said at the time that he expected the car would get “the highest ever offer for a Mustang” if should decide to put it up.

Unfortunately, the expectation that this 1968 Ford Mustang GT will command the highest price of any Mustang at auction ever thins out the list of potential purchasing candidates quite a bit. And among those names, you can expect the big goobery face if Jay Leno to be leering lovingly in its direction, especially given that he’s already had the opportunity to mouth-breathe at the wheel.

Want to make a great case for dismantling capitalism? Okay, how’s about the thought of Jay Leno of all people driving the same car made famous by “King of Cool” Steve McQueen? Short of the blessed end of capitalism, we’ll just have to hope that some other obscenely rich but less gooberish person (not looking at you, Tim Allen) ponies up the cash next January.

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Photos: Bullitt Mustang Hero Car Going to Auction in 2020

1968 Ford Mustang GT Bullitt

News Sources: Mecum Auctions, Road & Track