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[Photos] Opel Makes Big Showing at Geneva, CEO Addresses PSA Purchase

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Opel Crossland X

At the 87th Geneva Motor Show this morning, Opel revealed its Opel Insignia Grand Sport and Sports Tourer and Crossland X publicly for the first time, detailed its new Opel OnStar Personal Assistant technology and Opel Exclusive customization program, and addressed the elephant of the brand’s sale to PSA Group.

“We now have the chance to create a real European champion,” said Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. “We will benefit from the new scale but also from the joint vehicle development and the strengths of both our companies with their highly motivated and highly qualified employees.”

Opel and SPA have already cultivated a working relationship over the past four years, culminating with the joint-developed Crossland X crossover.

Opel Crossland X and Insignia Grand SportWhile the beans–in regard to the Crossland X, Insignia Ground Sport, and Insignia Sports Tourer–have been otherwise spilled over the past few months, two new Opel features were outlined more definitively at the press conference this morning. Alluded to last month, Opel announced the OnStar Personal Assistant Feature and Opel Exclusive program in earnest; the former allows drivers to communicate with an OnStar Advisor to book a hotel room or find proper parking, and the latter allows customers to customize their vehicle purchases to an even greater degree than ever before.

Specifically, Opel Exclusive allows customers “to choose from an unlimited range of colors based on their personal preference. No matter whether they want the car to match the tone of their favorite tie or to reflect the color of a loved one’s eyes—the Opel Exclusive team will make it happen.”

The program also gives customers the option to finish their vehicle in their choice of tri-coat paint, metallic paint, or pearl paint and upgrade with a number of interior and exterior options including exclusive leathers and wheels. Opel says that it will also explore using ultra-high def images and even augmented reality in its showrooms to provide more complete previews of the final product.

To see this morning’s press conference, check out the video below. For pictures of the Insignia Grand Sport and Crossland X at Geneva, just keep on scrollin’, baby. You know what time it is.


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Opel Crossland X and Insignia Grand Sport