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Plans Confirmed for Low-Cost Fleet Nissan Titan

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Low-cost Fleet Nissan Titan

Nissan plans to manufacture a low-cost Fleet Nissan Titan for businesses.

When the Nissan Titan first debuted there was only one engine option, a premium V8, and although Nissan believes its entry was a higher quality than other entries in the full-size pickup segment, it was not a very appealing buy for fleet and commercial customers.

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“It’s hard for a work truck customer to consider that. They shop price and capability, and usually in that order. When you don’t offer a regular-cab, six-cylinder, stripped-down truck, you’re out of that market,” said Rich Miller, Nissan’s chief product specialist for the Titan.  “That’s where we need to go in the new generation.”

The Japanese automaker plans to create a low-cost Titan intended to attract more fleet and commercial sales, but don’t think that the Titan will be just bare bones.

“Increased variation is important,” said Miller. “We had a lot of innovations the first time, and we felt the domestics had left us a lot of low-hanging fruit. Everyone in the segment has gotten better now. There’s not as much low-hanging fruit this time around, but we have some things up our sleeves that we’re going to be pulling out.”

Do you think a low-cost Fleet Nissan Titan will help Nissan gain a foothold in a segment dominated by domestic automakers?

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