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Play the Road App Creates Music Based on How You Drive While You Drive

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Volkswagen and electronic music group, Underworld, are working together to create an app that will customize and create your own music based on the manner in which you drive. The app, known as the Play the Road App, will pull data from your in-car computer and your smartphone to make “the car…the instrument, the driver, the musician.”

The app is not yet commercially available and is currently being used as a promotional tool for the Volkswagen Golf GTI MK7.  The app is able to read GPS data and factor in where you are and how you are driving to create music. A calm, even approach will create more dulcet tones, while hitting the throttle ups the tempo considerably. A widespread application of Play the Road could go a long way toward proving the validity of a study conducted earlier this year that says music can affect driver response in high-stress driving situations.

With any luck, the VW Golf GTI MK7 and the Play the Road App will both find their way to U.S. shores in the near future. Think of how handy it would be for road trips! Should you find your Golf playing this particular song in the wilds of Georgia, this uplifting melody upon approach of Amityville Beach, or this happy number when reaching the mist-consumed outskirts of Silent Hill…well, then you can’t say your car didn’t warn you.