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A Pony Car in Your Living Room – The 1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table

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Interested in having a 1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table? You can get one!

Interested in having a 1965 Ford Mustang Pool Table? You can get one!

It’s an impressive enough thing to see when a friend of yours has a vintage first-generation Mustang parked in their garage.  Now imagine your surprise at visiting your friend’s pad and finding one parked in the living room. and Ford are aiming to make that dream a reality for pony car enthusiasts everywhere with the officially licensed 1965 Ford Mustang pool table.

This pool table is molded directly from the body of an actual 1965 Mustang and features genuine chrome trim, badges, bumpers, and functioning lights, giving it a distinctly authentic look that will have anyone who comes by to shoot pool contemplating a spin around the block.

“We go and find the actual car, cut it up, shorten it, weld it together, and then we make molds of the parts,”  co-founder Tony Utegaard told Ford in their press statement.  “We’ve immortalized the original Mustang so that fans can enjoy their favorite car at home or on the road.”

The actual pool table surface itself is professionally crafted with three-piece Brazilian slate, championship-quality felt, and hardwood all around.  The Mustang portion can be dolled up in any of the original colors offered on the first-gen Mustang; Rangoon Red is the most popular, sticking to the predominant color preference over much of the Mustang’s 50 years.

The 1965 Ford Mustang pool table is available for $9,990 from