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Ranked: One Tree Hill’s Classic Cars

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One Tree Hill Title Card

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

Throughout its run on The CW, One Tree Hill made a point of bringing cars to the forefront. From Keith Scott’s Body Shop to Dan Scott Motors, there were a handful of classic cars that made guest (or recurring) appearances. In fact, several of them are more character than car.

Reminiscing on the glory days (when One Tree Hill graced us with its presence on our television screens), I’ve decided to rank the show’s top four classic cars, driven by four prominent characters throughout the show’s reign.

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#4: Chase Adams’ 1967 Ford LTD Convertible

1967 Ford LTD Convertible

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

One of the lesser known classic cars on the show is Chase’s 1967 Ford LTD Convertible. Chase’s car first made an appearance in the early seasons; it was Chase’s wingman, taking Brooke on dates throughout Tree Hill (including the infamous spot with the best view in town, according to Chase). The LTD made a reappearance alongside Chase in the later years; in season eight, the LTD begins to make more regular appearances. Chase picked up Chuck in the LTD every day for the big-brother program, driving him wherever he wanted to go for that day’s adventure. With its black and white exterior, the convertible lends itself perfectly to North Carolina weather.



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#3: Peyton Sawyer’s 1963 Mercury Comet

1963 Mercury Comet

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

Peyton’s 1963 Mercury Comet is a character of its own. More than a car, the Comet shifts throughout the series to represent the inevitability of Peyton and Lucas’ relationship. It functioned as a magnet that linked Lucas and Peyton, somehow always bringing them together. The car even inspired Lucas’ second novel, The Comet. Just like Chase’s car, the Comet has a convertible top that fits in perfectly with the beachy weather in Tree Hill. The car was totaled and rebuilt (a couple times) throughout the series, season six being the most severe. But this car was more than just a car. It was the Comet. It was an important piece of Peyton and Lucas’ love story that needed to be restored. Lucas rebuilt it from the ground up and they drove off into the distance, happily every after (cue the sappy music).



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#2: Lucas Scott’s 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

Throughout the years, Lucas cruises through Tree Hill in his sleek, American muscle car: a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback. As an original, core character on the show, it is only fitting for Lucas’ car to be a classic to match. There is a scene in the fifth season that heavily features the Mustang. Lucas reflects back on one of his favorite memories with his Uncle Keith: Keith let Lucas drive for the first time. Following in his uncle’s footsteps, Lucas pulls his nephew, Jamie, onto his lap and lets him steer the Mustang. It is a fitting representation of the type of uncle and person Lucas grew up to be.


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#1: Clay Evans’ 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

1967 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray

Photo: Warner Bros. Television

In his 1967 Corvette Stingray, Clay rides in style. At the beginning of season seven, Clay cruised into Tree Hill as Nathan’s suave, debonair agent with a sexy car and a boyish grin. Eventually, Clay dropped his facade for Quinn, letting her see the real him. While a lot of the facade that Clay puts up is just that, a facade, it’s still part of who he is. Throughout it all, he kept the car (and the grin). The Stingray represents both who Clay is and who he wants people to think he is, which is an interesting dynamic to watch as his character develops. For that reason, Clay’s 1967 Stingray has earned its number one spot.