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Real-Life Mario Kart Exists in Branson, Missouri

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It’s every ’90s kid’s dream come true. Mario Kart—in real life. Apparently, it’s existed for a long time now and Missouri residents have been selfishly keeping it to themselves.

In Branson, Missouri, there is an amusement park called The Track Family Fun Parks. While they have many different types of attractions, including a Ferris wheel and batting cages, the highlight of its fame is go-karting.

We’re not kidding when we tell you this is real-life Mario Kart. The park has 14 different go-kart tracks across all age and experience levels. The Heavy Metal High Rise, featured in the Facebook post below, is more than four stories tall. Its tracks include twists and turns, spirals up and down, and wooden tracks with themes, similar to the courses in Mario Kart itself.

The park offers three high-rise go-kart tracks:

[wptab name=”Heavy Metal High Rise”]heavy-metal-high-rise-the-track-family-fun-parks-branson-missouri-mario-kart

The Heavy Metal High Rise

Pictured above, the Heavy Metal High Rise is the tallest track in the park. Built in 2011, the track is more than four stories high; drivers reach unparalleled heights through a spiral ascent with a fittingly thrilling descent. Unlike the other two high-rise tracks, this course is made out of steel and concrete for a smoother ride. The Heavy Metal High Rise runs 1,200 feet long and is limited to drivers at least 58 inches tall.


[wptab name=”Wild Woody”]

Wild Woody go kart track Branson Missouri

Photo: The Track

Wild Woody

Wild Woody comes in right at four stories tall; this wooden track gives go-kart riders plenty of twists and turns with one full spiral and two mini spirals throughout the course. The track was built in 2002, just after the first high-rise go-kart track was installed. You must be at least 58 inches tall to drive this 1,440-foot long course.


[wptab name=”The Lumberjack”]

The Lumberjack go kart track Branson Missouri

Photo: The Track

The Lumberjack

The oldest high-rise in the park, built in 2001, the Lumberjack features two dramatic spirals and ascents to a three-story elevation. According to Branson Tracks, the theme surrounding this track is “Lodging,” fitting its name quite nicely. The track runs 1,186 feet long; drivers must be at least 58 inches tall.

But don’t worry—for younger riders, the park offers smaller tracks and traditional go-kart tracks. They can opt for their Rookie Go-Karts or Kiddie Go-Karts, depending on their age and experience levels. As it turns out, Branson Tracks is expanding its Mario-Kart-inspired adventures; the park is expected to open another location near Niagara Falls in 2018.

It looks like dreams do come true. Anyone up for a trip to Missouri?


[wptab name=”Video”]

Check out this video highlighting all of the fun at The Track:



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