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6 Podcasts for Your Next Road Trip Adventure

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Road trips are a great time to listen to some awesome podcasts

While road trips can be the most fun you will ever have, they can also get a bit boring. One of the best ways to break the monotony of long stretches of highway is to listen to a podcast (or six). If you’re interested in blasting a podcast on your next road trip, rather than the same ole music playlist, then make sure you consider these six.

The Beginner’s Guide to Being an Expert

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If you truly love to learn, then look no further than this podcast. Every episode covers an entirely new topic, ranging from “Shakespeare” to “Florida” to “Online Dating.” The subjects are endless, the podcast itself is hilarious, and you will definitely learn how to be an expert on whatever topic they are talking about that episode. Subscribe to this podcast here.

Pop Culture Happy Hour


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Your pop culture knowledge will be put to the test during this podcast. It covers everything from the world of music, movies, and more, adding a dash of humor that is sure to keep you entertained. Every episode has a different guest star, changing things up enough to keep it interesting. Subscribe to this podcast here.

Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

Trivia buffs, rejoice! For those who love to be tested, this podcast is perfect. Every week you can test your knowledge of pop culture current events and news. The podcast even has a few star-studded guests including the omnipresent Kim Kardashian. Subscribe to this podcast here.

The Bugle

Two words: John Oliver. Do we need to say more? Oh, we do? Okay, well before Last Week Tonight, John Oliver offered us a glimpse into the world of serious news with this podcast. Taking the current events of today and adding a humorous touch makes The Bugle worth listening to, even if you’re not that into politics and news. Subscribe to this podcast here.

The Talk of Shame

If you get a kick out of listening to other people’s embarrassing stories, then tune into The Talk of Shame. This podcast rehashes awkward, clumsy, and embarrassing moments that happened to some very funny people. It’ll finally help you realize that you’re not the only one who wet themselves in high school! Subscribe to this podcast here.

The Memory Palace

As a mixture of history and non-fiction, this podcast comes straight from the mouth of acclaimed radio producer Nate DiMeo. It offers a variety of wacky, sad, and bizarre tales from the past, giving you a slightly different perspective on the world. Subscribe to this podcast here.