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Spy Shots Suggest Upcoming Nissan Van Update

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The 2016 Nissan Quest features a 3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve V6 engine

We might make fun of the minivan a lot, but there is no denying the vehicle’s versatility, whether you have a large family, team, or band to drive around the country. Nissan currently offers the Nissan Quest in the United States to satisfy shoppers looking for a large people mover, but the current generation has been in production since 2010. A refresh for the model is well overdue, and if spy shots can be believed, America might be getting a new van sooner rather than later.

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The spy shot in the tweet below was taken in Michigan, and the van is actually configured to be right-hand drive. That suggests it could actually be the Nissan Serena, which is sold in Asia and is similar to the Quest. The sighting has left the Nissan fans and casual observers awash in questions. Is the Nissan Quest finally getting a new generation? Is this a Nissan NV200 commercial passenger van?

Personally, I think that the Nissan Quest and the Nissan Serena could soon be the same vehicle, just with different badges. Both vehicles’ current generations started in 2010, and while there is a niche market for minivans, the growing popularity of SUVs for families means that the van is facing stiffer competition than ever. Perhaps Nissan will combine its forces to produce one really great vehicle to be offered around the world, instead of building two different vans to serve the same purpose.

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If this is a Nissan NV200 passenger van, it could also open up new possibilities for Nissan in the commercial vehicle market. The brand currently offers a taxi van, but it is not optimized for large group transport. Time will tell what the plans are for this spy vehicle, but we have our fingers crossed for a new minivan.

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