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Team Wild Grace Crosses Rebelle Rally Finish Line With Nissan

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2018 Rebelle Rally Team Wild GraceWith the right vehicle on your team, you can conquer almost any terrain. We bet that Team Wild Grace would agree after finishing the 2018 Rebelle Rally in its Nissan Armada. It made it to 11th place out of 41 total entries and fourth place in the stock vehicle category called Bonestock.

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Sedona Blinson and Leah Heffelfinger, the navigator and driver for Team Wild Grace, covered more than 1,600 miles in their 2018 Nissan Armada, affectionately called Babe. They reported that other teams were surprised to see an SUV like the Armada in the competition, where vehicles are usually trucks or other vehicles typically associated with off-road driving, like Jeep models. After a few days of racing, however, the other competitors realized that the Armada was going to be tough competition to beat.

The Rebelle Rally is the only women’s off-road navigation rally, and the only technology that teams can have in the car is a rudimentary camera. While that means the team couldn’t take advantage of the Nissan Armada’s navigation features, they certainly appreciated the comfortable ride and expansive cargo room the vehicle offered while still being capable enough to drive on dunes and other challenging terrain.

“In Glamis (California), there was a particularly long, washed-out section of dunes where the Armada truly showed its agility,” said Blinson. “After getting the tire pressure just right, the Armada powered up and glided down huge dunes with ease, and the V8 engine provided a ton of power, allowing Babe to float in the sand. I really appreciated having a bit longer wheelbase than competitors, as well as the independent front and rear suspension.”

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The Bonestock category that Team Wild Grace competed in denotes that the vehicle was a stock model, as opposed to one modified for the race. Nissan Armada Babe placed fourth among these vehicles, outranking all other vehicles from Japanese manufacturers in the group and leaving a vehicle from Mercedes in the literal dust. We’re so proud of Team Wild Grace’s finish in this grueling race and look forward to seeing more of their off-roading moves in the future.