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Dogs, Farts, and Romance: Tesla Mode Madness

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Tesla Model X
Photo: Tesla

Tesla has quite the following — and quite the sense of humor. Here’s a look at some of the fun and practical modes that Tesla vehicles have to offer.

Dog Mode

Dogs in Car Window

Intended to keep your four-legged friends safe if they’re ever alone in the car, Dog Mode keeps the cabin at a comfortable temperature while you’re away. It displays the temperature on the infotainment screen, along with a message that reads, “My owner will be back soon.” Still, it’s not a bad idea to hurry back to your car. Even with the power of automatic climate control, Dog Mode won’t help you clean up messes or fix upholstery shredded by a panicked pooch.

Sentry Mode

This mode uses the Tesla’s exterior cameras to monitor the car’s surroundings. If someone tries to steal your Tesla, Sentry Mode activates the alarm, blares music, and sends you an alert on your smartphone. With a formatted USB drive, you can save a recording of everything up to 10 minutes prior to the alert.

Camper Mode

Set (and maintain) the perfect temperature for a good night’s sleep with Camper Mode. It’ll run the automatic climate control functions to keep you comfortable. Tesla cars have folding back seats, so you can lay out an air mattress or sleeping bag and enjoy stargazing with the panoramic glass roof.

Party and Camping Mode

how to properly tailgate - getting a good spot

Tesla takes tailgating and picnicking to the next level with Party and Camping Mode, which allows you to run your Tesla’s audio system, select lights, climate control, and power outlets for up to 48 hours.

Romance Mode

If you tap the fire icon on the Tesla’s Easter Egg menu, you can enjoy Romance Mode. Really, it’s just a video of a fireplace accompanied by the dulcet tones of Marvin Gaye.

Emissions Testing Mode

Toilet paper bathroom
Photo: Frédéric Poirot

Unleash your inner third-grader with Emissions Testing mode. You can have your luxury electric car toot on command, with options like “Ludicrous Fart,” “Falcon Heavy,” and if you’re feeling a bit coy about your toilet humor, “Boring Fart.” You don’t even have to take your eyes off the road to let one rip — just press a button on the steering wheel.

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