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The Grinch Takes Away ‘Top Gear’ Christmas Specials

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Top Gear Matt LeBlanc

While the departure of Chris Evans (not that one) from Top Gear was not entirely unexpected, it certainly put the brand new show in a tailspin. Who exactly is in charge now? Is the squad of supporting hosts more important now? How does the Stig feel about this?!

To give the creative team behind Top Gear more time to ponder these and other important questions, the two planned Christmas specials have been given the ax. According to RadioTimes, the first season of the revamped show was supposed to be one run of eight episodes, the Christmas specials, and then eight more episodes. As you may have noticed, the first run was only six episodes, and we believe that there are only six more planned for spring.

It was reported that the show is also looking for a new series producer, and that the job listing said that the applicant should be able to “manage their own emotions in the face of pressure”. We wonder if the pressure is coming from difficult hosts, the nervous network that needs better ratings, or some other outside force.

While we know that Christmas Specials are a cornerstone of British Television (come on, the Doctor Who Christmas episodes were always the best ones), it’s probably for the best that Top Gear takes a bit of a break to let the dust settle from the departure of Chris Evans. Maybe the show’s leadership and hosts can get together and come up with a good vision for moving forward (and avoiding cancellation).

News Source: RadioTimes