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The Honda Hybrid Vehicle Revolution

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2020 Honda Insight Hybrid
The 2020 Honda Insight normalizes hybrid vehicles
Photo: Honda

There’s been a massive push for the normalization of hybrid and electric vehicles in recent years. Some automakers have made greater strides than others, but most have faced the challenge of pushing a fossil fuel-powered world into an environmentally cleaner existence. As that push continues, companies like Honda are leading the charge by introducing hybrid vehicles that innovate while continuing to normalize the electric car revolution.

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Making the Honda hybrid revolution normal

More often than not, the key to creating an appealing hybrid vehicle is finding creative (and innovative) ways to make drivers forget that they are, in fact, driving a hybrid. In the past, bulky battery compartments hindered both passenger and storage space. Dashboards were often confusing, and other issues included speed capabilities, weight, and handling. These often made investing in hybrids a tough sell. However, with its new third-generation hybrids, these are issues and stigmas that Honda is beginning to remove from the equation.

2020 Honda Accord Hybrid
The 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid joins the Insight in the quest for hybrid normalization
Photo: Honda

As Stef Schrader of The Drive explains, with the introduction of Honda’s new 2020 Accord Hybrid and Insight models, the normalization of hybrid technology is taking shape. The Insight, already re-envisioned as a sedan in 2018, has now emerged as a major player in the hybrid race. Taking on the issue of weight, the new 2020 Insight’s intelligent power unit — where the lithium-ion batteries are stored — has been reduced in size by an impressive 32 percent. Its DC-DC converter has moved to the front of the car, distributing the weight and allowing for better handling and faster speeds.

The 2020 Honda Accord tackled the issue of space by placing its batteries under its rear seats, giving the car plenty of room for cargo. The interior has also been simplified. Consoles now feature real buttons and intuitive ease of use.

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By unleashing these two hybrids, Honda hopes to attract customers who normally wouldn’t consider investing in a hybrid. The company’s ultimate goal? Hybrid sales accounting for two-thirds of its annual output in the next 10 years. Will the Honda hybrid vehicle revolution be successful? Only time will tell.