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4 Tips For Streak-Free Car Windows

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glass cleaner window car windshield spray bugs dirt
Use a quality, ammonia-free glass cleaner on your car’s windows
Photo: The News Wheel

If you’re tired of trying to wipe away window streaks after an at-home car wash, you’re in luck. Here are four tips to get spotless windows each time you clean your vehicle.

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Choose the right cleaner

In order to make sure you start off on the right foot, the correct cleaner is important. You want to try to avoid using any products with alcohol, ammonia, or detergents in them—these are the chemicals that tend to cause the streaks. Tire Meets Road contributor Paulo Acoba recommends ammonia-free products like Invisible Glass and Sprayway’s Glass Cleaner.

Use high-quality towels

microfiber towel cleaning cloth
Microfiber cloths will help prevent streaks when drying your car’s windows
Photo: Davie Bicker via Pixabay

The type of towel you use is just as important as the right cleaner. Julie Layton and Alia Hoyt with How Stuff Works recommend using microfiber towels. Use a couple of towels to wash the windows and a couple more to dry and polish them. Paper towels, bath towels, old T-shirts, and newspapers are out of the question since they normally leave behind a lot of lint and debris.

Work front to back

Make sure you begin with the windshield, spraying that glass cleaner directly on the glass, and wipe from the edges toward the middle in an up-and-down or left-to-right motion. Before it dries completely, make sure you use the second towel to dry and buff the window. Continue the process throughout the car, making sure to remove dirt from the tops of the windows.

Don’t forget the interior

2020 GMC Acadia interior
A streak-free windshield will improve your visibility when driving

Washing the inside of the windows is just as important as washing the outside. Make sure you pay just as much attention to them so you can enjoy a cleaner and brighter cabin thanks to crystal-clear glass surfaces.

By following these strategies, it’s fairly simple to achieve the streak-free windows you’ve been dreaming about. Sharpen your car washing skills when you read this article. Then equip yourself with these tips to prevent and remove water spots.

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