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Tips on How to Get Streak-Free Windows

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Streak-free windows - Car Care TipsWe’ve all been there before: after spending hours cleaning your car until it sparkles, you notice them—the streaked windows blemishing the otherwise spotlessness of your car. If you’re tired of trying to wipe these streaks away, we have the solution for you. Just make sure you follow these tips on how to get streak-free windows, and you will win your battle with streaks.

  1. Choose the right cleaner. In order to make sure you start off on the right foot, the correct cleaner is important. You want to try to avoid using any products with alcohol, ammonia, or detergents in them—these are the chemicals that tend to cause the streaks. If you are using a typical glass cleaner with ammonia in it, such as Windex, dilute it. For those of you wanting perfection, try one of the many products made specifically for cleaning windows. They should work amazingly well.
  2. Pick a few good towels. The type of towel you use is just as important as the right cleaner. Many experts recommend using at least four absorbent, lint-free microfiber towels with two going towards the actually washing process and the other two for drying and polishing the glass. Paper towels, bath towels, old T-shirts, and newspapers are out of the questioned since they normally leave behind a lot of lint and debris.
  3. Start at the front and work your way back. Make sure you begin with the windshield, spraying that glass cleaner directly on the glass, and wipe from the edges toward the middle in an up-and-down or left-to-right motion. Before it dries completely, make sure you use the second towel to dry and buff the window. Continue the process throughout the car, making sure to remove dirt from the tops of the windows—it’s easy to forget!
  4. Don’t forget the inside. Washing the inside of the windows is just as important as washing the outside. Make sure you pay just as much attention to them and you will have crystal clear windows all around!

If you follow these four easy steps for streak-free windows, you won’t have to worry about them ever again. Want to share some tips of your own? Tell them to us below!