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Tips on Safe Driving While Pregnant

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Pregnant individual
Pregnant individual
Photo: Øyvind Holmstad

With pregnancy comes lots of lifestyle changes. One such change that isn’t discussed much is a change in driving habits. While most pregnant people can drive, it’s still a good idea to take some extra precautions on the road. Follow these tips on safe driving while pregnant.

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Position your seat belt correctly

When you’re pregnant, you need to pay extra attention to where your seat belt is positioned. The shoulder belt should lie off to the side of your belly and between your breasts. As for the lap belt, make sure it doesn’t sit above or across your stomach.

Pullover as needed

If a wave of nausea or dizziness hits you while you’re driving, be sure to safely pull over. You don’t want to be driving while you feel ill.

Take it slow

Try to take slower, smoother turns while driving. You should also avoid slamming on the brakes as much as possible.

Catch a ride

If you find that your belly ever becomes too big to safely and comfortable drive or reach your pedals, you may want to consider having others drive you throughout the rest of your pregnancy. While someone else drives, sit in a rear seat to have additional safety.

Be prepared

Airbags are an important safety feature, which is why you should ensure that your airbag system hasn’t been shut off or disabled before driving. If you ever do get into a car accident, make sure you get checked by your doctor.

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Talk to your doctor to learn about what specific driving habits and precautions you should take while pregnant.

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