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Tips to Get More Money for Your Junk Car

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junk yards pay most for carsSelling junk cars can be quite a profitable business. Cash for cars has helped many people get rid of their old, rusty vehicles for good value. The salvage lot you sell to will resell parts of your worn-out automobile to repair shops and other interested parties.

The value of your junk car goes hand-in-hand with scrap metal prices. In recent years, scrap metal prices have plummeted leading to not-so-good junk vehicle prices. Even so, turning in your junk machine for scrap is the best way to get rid of it.

When scrap metal prices are lower than usual, there are a few steps you can undertake to ensure that your junk car sells for a handsome figure. Note that junking cars takes some effort because different companies have different procedures.

The following pointers have always guaranteed success when ‘junking’ cars.

Access vehicle value

Before visiting a junkyard, make sure to determine your car’s Blue Book Value. You should also assess the vehicle’s damage and record its condition in a precise manner. The attendants you meet at the yards will want to know everything about the car you’re selling, which includes whether it runs, the extent of wreckage, and many other factors.

Roadworthy vehicles sell at a higher price than totally wrecked cars. You might even incur transportation costs if the yard guys have to move your stationary vehicle to their base. If you can, repair your old machine and get it running again.

Establish ownership

Ensure that you have documents showing evidence of vehicle ownership. Salvage lots and scrap yards won’t purchase a scrap automobile from anyone else but the owner. If you have bought a junk piece from someone else, establish ownership before reselling. Don’t be in a hurry to try to sell a vehicle that you don’t own. It is a move that might even land you in trouble.

Abide by the law

Lemon laws protect consumers from unscrupulous car dealers. They dictate the business of selling junk cars. Every state has its lemon laws, which is why you need to research and find out if you’re playing by the rules. Other acts that you to abide by include:

  • Mileage tampering laws: Protects buyers from traders looking to deceive them by altering car mileages. This act states that you should never tamper with the mileage of a car you are reselling.
  • Private seller laws: Lemon law enactment is different depending on whether a seller is independent or a dealer.

Shop for better rates

Call and visit junkyards around your area to get a range of prices. After you have done a thorough cost search for your junk car, settle on the highest amount. It guarantees the best return value for your rusty vehicle. Yards buy used automobiles depending on their internal policies. Some consider the model, make, and condition of a car while others look at the damage only.

Selling junk cars well is not for the faint-hearted because it requires work and patience. Those who become good at it can even make a living by junking cars. Even so, your documentation and approach have got to be right if you want to make money. You also want to avoid run-ins with law enforcers by abiding by every single rule.

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