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Top 5 Podcasts to Listen to While RVing

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Photo: Patrick Tomasso | Unsplash

There’s arguably no better time to listen to a podcast than while on the road in a recreational vehicle. Sure, music will do the trick for a time, but during a long road trip, you may want to listen to something that keeps your brain engaged a little more. That’s where podcasts come in.

There are lots of great podcasts to listen to no matter what you’re driving, so we’ve curated our selection to more RV- and outdoor-themed content. Check it out!

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The RV Miles Podcast

The RV Miles Podcast is the perfect show for RV enthusiasts. Hosted by Jason and Abby Epperson — a couple that travels around the US full-time with their three seconds in a converted school bus — this podcast will teach you all sorts of useful tips and tricks about RVs, fill you in on the latest RV news, and more. It offers a great balance of education and entertainment.

The Dirtbag Diaries

The Dirtbag Diaries is an outdoor podcast that tells myriad fictional stories about likeminded people — climbers, skiers, bikers, runners, you name them. It’s a great listen while at the wheel or around the campfire, and will get you all sorts of pumped for your trip.

Roadschool Moms

If you’re RVing with kids and want to make sure they get a daily dose of education, this is the podcast for you. Mary Beth Goff and Kimberly Travaglino talk for an hour about all things pertaining to roadschooling or homeschooling from the road.

The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

This is a purely entertainment-focused podcast that’s been running since 2004, a family-friendly drama that follows the adventures and exploits of Dr. Floyd, a brilliant scientist attempting to stop the evil plans of his nemesis, Dr. Steve. It’s entertainment that children and adults alike will adore.

Happy Camper Radio

If you view RVing as a means to an end where the end is camping, you’ll love the Happy Camper Radio hosted by Skip Huber, an experienced outdoorsman and camper who just wants to get America camping again. Though Huber has lots of valuable insights to give about RVs, you can also expect lots of interesting tips and tricks regarding everything outdoorsy, from camping in a tent to what gear to bring while hiking.

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