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Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Car Now Available in Canada

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2019 Toyota Mirai
Photo: Toyota

The Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell electric car will now finally be available for purchase at Toyota dealerships in Canada beginning in July.

The Mirai has so far been limited in its availability and was sold only in select markets around the world. In Europe it can be found in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway and the UK; but in North America, it was offered only in California.

Toyota Canada announced in January 2018 that the first fleet of Mirai vehicles in Canada would go to Quebec, but this has now been expanded to an additional 12 Vancouver areas, though for now the Mirai is only available for purchase by fleet operators.

This makes Toyota the first automaker to bring hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to Canada in large numbers, and Toyota is also invested in helping build up the fueling, training, and service infrastructure necessary to support FCEVs.

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The Mirai is a zero-emission vehicle that emits only water vapor from its tailpipe, qualifying it for a $6,000 ZEV rebate under Canada’s Clean Energy Vehicle program.

Natural Resources Canada and the B.C. government will invest a combined $3 billion into building two new retail hydrogen refueling stations in the Lower Mainland, with more to come in the Greater Vancouver and Victoria region.

Toyota plans to offer an electrified option for every model it sells by 2025, and for 50 percent of its global sales to be electrified by 2030. Based on today’s number this would represent about 5.5 million vehicles, one million of which are expected to be ZEVs.

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