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Toyota Reveals Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car to Journalists

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Toyota recently announced that they would not focus exclusively on conquering the electric vehicle market—instead, they decided to work on a vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel-cell. Toyota thinks the fuel-cell vehicle will have a longer, better future than the EV. A few lucky journalists recently got the first chance to drive Toyota’s prototype—and the results overall are very positive.

2013 Prius Plug In

Toyota plans to shift its focus from the EV to a hydrogen fuel-cell car.

Green Car Reports stated “Autoweek estimated 0-to-60-mph performance of around 9 seconds and an output of 150 horsepower from the prototype car, adding that the prototype was ‘much more fun to drive than…a Prius.’” Toyota is hoping to keep the price for hydrogen car at or below $50,000. While this seems expensive, it is not exuberant in comparison with electric cars—and the fuel-cell car should have about a 300 mile range which is much higher than even the best electric cars on the market today.

Toyota hopes to put the hydrogen fuel-cell car on the market by 2015. But they’re taking it a step at a time: A concept version of the car should appear at the Tokyo Auto Show later this year.

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