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Tricks to Combat Winter’s Fury on Your Car

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Winter can be fun—there’s skiing, sledding, ice skating, making snowmen in the yard, and the best part—warming up inside with a cup of hot chocolate after an afternoon spent having fun in the snow.

Then there’s the not so fun side of winter—the miserable, cold, wet, slushy, dangerous driving condition-creating season that makes drivers cringe with frustration and fear each morning, especially when they face their un-garaged vehicle covered in ice and snow.

According to Writer Rudie Obias, a can of shaving cream will keep you seeing clearly through winter.

“Coat the inside of your car windows with a thin layer of the cream, which has the same active ingredients as defoggers, then wipe them clean. Now your windows won’t fog up while you’re driving,” writes Obias.

Hand sanitizer will not only keep the cold and flu germs at bay, but it will also help your locks from staying frozen and your keys from getting stuck in such ice-covered locks.

“Avoid this annoying situation by coating your keys in a little bit of hand sanitizer. The alcohol in the sanitizer will quickly melt the ice inside the locks. You can also spray some WD-40 on your locks, which will prevent ice from building up inside,” reports Obias.

If possible, harness the sun’s power by positioning your car eastward when parking it overnight, advises Obias.

Plastic bags, of the gallon size, wrapped around your side mirrors and adhered with rubber bands will at least keep the ice and snow off your mirrors, diminishing your morning chore of de-icing your car a smidge, according to Obias.

You might notice other drivers setting their windshield wipers up when a storm is on the horizon; Obias suggests adding socks to those raised blades “to prevent ice build up.”

With these tips, the not-so-fun side of winter might be a bit easier to handle.

News Source: Mental Floss